DSA Fees

DSA fees are currently set at $75 per person per year.  These fees go towards financing the many events the DSA hosts, pays for the yearbook (which costs ~$50/person) and for the class shirts every new class receives.  The DSA also receives sponsorship money from outside sources such as Scotiabank to supplement the money collected through student fees.  Although many DSA run events receive sponsorship money, this is sometimes not enough to cover the cost of the event.  This shortfall is often covered by DSA money to ensure the event can still run.  

Rising costs of tuition

As many students have noticed, each year, the cost of tuition and kit fees continues to rise.  Although the government of Alberta has frozen tuition, the cost of kit fees and therefore the cost of education is still increasing.  The increase in kit fees, which is being implemented gradually, is used to offset costs the university incurred to build the new Kaye Edmonton dental clinic.  Furthermore, the purchase of new equipment such a microscopes necessitates the increased kit fees.  

Why we're a part of the faculty of medicine

There are a few reasons for this.  One is financial, the Faculty of Medicine receives funding through the government to operate.  The second reason is that many of the lectures that medical students receive are applicable to dental students. By being a part of the Faculty of Medicine the tuition for dental students is kept lower than it would be if we weren't a part of the Faculty of Medicine.   

However, the curriculum renewal is making changes to the integration between the School of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine, big changes can be expected.